Ushering in Spring: A Poem

He is the air I breathe and He is my healer, companion, and I worship Him and desire to be more like Him every day.

Julie Dibble, Speaker and Author


Short days
Long darks
Ever seeming
No point
To go


So sings my soul
The doldrum


His presence
A holy essence
Merely being
Without doubt


I breathe

Isaiah 53: 4-5

Surely He took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered Him punished by God, stricken by Him, and afflicted.

But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed.


Thank you for being here today, Friends.

We.Are.Warriors This theme will continue up through Easter. Coming next is a live post and a blog post…

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I’m a Sinner, But I’m Saved! Thank God!

We are all on the same level field when it comes to being a sinner. How we respond to God in the moment is what He looks at.

The Recovering Legalist

My friends, since I am still recovering from surgery to my right shoulder, typing is still quite painful after a few moments. I thought about a few things I wanted to write, but then decided a re-post was in order.

So, I went back a few years into the archive, and that’s when I found this post. I little voice inside me said, “Post that one again.” Therefore, I hope you read the whole thing; it might be a word from the Lord for you.

I Still Sin


It may come as a shock to some of you, but I still sin. Yes, this preacher still makes mistakes. You see, I am no better than anyone else, even though there used to be a time when I thought I was.

Years ago, when I was a really legalistic son-of-a-gun, it wasn’t uncommon for me to look down my nose at…

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Thank you can be a healing word

God can use that Thank you to do some serious healing.


thanks for being you.gif

Not all of us are as cool as this dog in expressing their thanks, but it’s the thought that counts.

I have been asking myself this question: How often do I say, “Thank you?” I’m not talking about the kind of thank you that is said in a rote kind of way as if we are saying what is socially expected. The thank you I’m referring to is one that comes from the heart. This thank you is filled with a spirit of gratitude.

When I was in my early twenties a dear friend named Bill Pye gave me a brown leather Bible. It wasn’t my birthday, nor was it Christmas. I asked Bill, “What’s this for?” He smiled and said, “Kevin, that’s for being you.” I still have that Bible.

Bill was such a close friend. He taught me how to work with the abused, addicted and rejected. He…

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A Small Good Deed 

A simple jesture of good will can change a life

The Mahdheebah Blog (TMB)

Dr Ben told a story about a man who was asked to paint a boat.He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him.

While painting, he noticed that there was a small hole in the hull, and quietly repaired it.When he finished painting, he received his money and left.

The next day, the owner of the boat came to the painter and presented him with a nice cheque, much higher than the payment for painting.The painter was surprised and said “You’ve already paid me for painting the boat Sir!”,”But this is not for the paint job. It’s for having repaired the hole in the boat.”“Ah! But it was such a small service… certainly it’s not worth paying me such a high amount for something so insignificant.”

“My dear friend, you do not understand…

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The End Is Not The End

Greetings my friends.   Please know how happy I am to be writing this to you from home rather than a hospital bed somewhere and better still that I am writing this at all.  This year has had its challenges but with the help of some really special friends and family I am regaining much from this time last year.

First, let me say that being alive to celebrate going into 2018 I will remember for the remaining days of my life.  Going into 2017 was not a smooth ride for me at all. 2017 came in with a rather huge bang for me and one that no one was expecting (especially me).  But thankfully God, has had the final say so and He is not ready for me to go to be with Him.

So, that aside the trials that there were signs of possible cognitive lapses in my mental ability at the beginning of the year since no one knows for sure how long I was unconscious last Dec.   But gladly after having some serious testing there is no long term damage to my brain at all.  All the side effects for most parts have left (they show themselves when I am seriously exhausted and not doing a good job taking care of me) and thankfully my brain is normal (the MRI I had done in mid year showed that I had a very impacted sinus infection however).

I thank God for all the people who prayed for me and I am so thankful that God is not done with me yet.  I love Him more and more every day.

It has been a hard fight this year.  I have felt like I was standing still when the world was moving full throttle, but God has been faithful and He has shown up every time I needed Him to.  Whether, it was someone bringing me food or someone wanting to come just to spend time with me and that helped some.

I look forward to moving along in 2018 and I want to say right now I pray that God will bring complete healing for me and all those who suffer throughout the year.

SO, moving into 2018 I desire to be all that God wants me to be and I want to be all that I am for His good works and His will to be completed.

Thank you for all my friends…  Love you much,


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Your Surrender Unlocks Encounters

I am finding that for me in my life this phrase is truth! Even in the simplest form of surrender. God always shows up in either my life or another’s and it is so healing

One Passion One Devotion


One person’s obedience and surrender to a process and to healing will ALWAYS unlock someone else’s heart for healing, surrender and worship. We are here on this earth for a greater purpose—one that is watched over and cared for by God who is like a gardener. He prunes and cuts away and it hurts. But He fights over you, dances over you and He uses lyric and melody and surrender to do it through. Your encounter unlocks an encounter for someone else. Keep singing. Keep writing. Don’t flee in heartache—run to Him. Don’t fight against the pain—feel it and take it to your comforter and let Him comfort and heal you deep down. If we live in the shallow end we’ll never experience the fullness of what the deep unlocks. —Kari Jobe

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“Alive, Alert, Awake, and Enthusiastic!”

We sang the song both my trips to the Dominican Republic climbing out of bed!!

The Recovering Legalist

As we both walked into the office this morning to clock in, a fellow bus driver asked me, “How are you doing this morning?”

I replied to my co-worker’s genuine inquiry with the following affirmation: “I’m alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic!”

“What was that?” he asked.

“I said, ‘I’m alive, alert, awake, and enthusiastic!’ There’s even a song about it.”

“You know,” my friend said, “I think I’ve heard that song before, now that you mention it. But who would sing a song like that?”

“Somebody trying to convince himself it was so,” I answered.

As a matter of fact, I was on a month-long mission trip to Romania back in August of 1992. Every day was long, and morning always came too early, so the “enthusiastic” song was often sung as we fell out of our beds and stumbled outside looking for some form of coffee (usually the…

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New Year New Beginning

Here is my latest post my friends…


What a start to 2017 I have had and what and ending to 2016 I had.  While I have had many New Years Eve’s that I don’t remember this experience was like no other.  I started 2017 on a ventilator and I ended 2016 on a ventilator.   Beyond that I can tell you that most of the months of Dec and January have been spent in both a hospital and in a short term sub acute nursing rehab where I had to learn how to swallow, do simple exercise and walk longer than 10 feet, and how to do a few other things over again.

In mid Dec. I ended up in the hospital when my mother found me not doing so good. I was blue in my hands, feet, lips and I was ice cold both to touch and in my core.  At the hospital my family was told…

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A feel good story

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Tic Tock Tic Tock

So, todays calendar date says Dec. 27, 2016.  We are rapidly closing out 2016 and it seems just like we blinked and here it is.  What a year this has been.  So, deeply, and profoundly remarkable what a year!!

God has done some really crazy and enlightening things for me personally in 2016 as well as challenged me and caused me to lay things aside and pick up a different weapon or no weapon at all.

I started 2016 with a chat with my senior pastor about praying for church leaders and how I have felt like this needs to happen constantly on an daily basis.  If Jesus Himself needed prayer covering for the mission He had why do we think our pastors need anything less?  SO, this was how 2016 began.  How it ends is quite the opposite but just as mind blowing and amazing.

This year, God worked so many things out in my life for me.  God, has also used me as a vessel to speak to others through.  Plus, He has taken my hurts and He has healed some, and worked me through some others.

As you know in Feb I had surgery #2 on my neck and it was successful.  I was in rehab for 30 days but had some interesting things happen there which God saved my life once again.

In July, I went with my best friend to San Diego and saw God move mightily there and I also saw how sometimes man steps in to attempt to either keep God out or keep God in and neither one can be done by man.  That was a learning experience for me.   When God moves either corporately or individually there is nothing phony about it but when man gets his hands into it and tries to manufacture it you can tell if you are paying attention that it is man made and manufactured, and yet God redeems and shows up and makes it real beyond our wildest dreams.

August came and there were some changes to medications and many challenges along the way.  I found myself sleeping most of August, September, October, and a little of November.  Migraines almost daily were the case.  I was trying to give up too much I think and too fast.  So, I believe that I sidelined myself.  But God was still working in spite of all of this.  He would give me scripture downloads so fast that it was like right there in the center pocket of the heart of God.

“So, keep your thoughts continually fixed on all that is authentic, and real, and honorable, and admirable, beautiful, and respectful, pure, and Holy, merciful and kind.  Fasten your thoughts on every glorious work of God praising Him always.  Follow the example of all that we have imparted to  you and the God of peace will be with you in all things.”  Philippians 4:8-9 Passion Translation

So this is what I have been trying to do.  I even think of Paul and Silas in prison and the angels shaking the jail freely open and yet they stayed and why did they stay?  So they could be about the Fathers business.  Each of us is called to be about the Fathers business daily.  No matter what or where we are we can be a light in the dark world around us.

December found me starting out with ladies whom I love dearly on a weekend retreat the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I was excited to be able to get ready for 2017.  I managed to have a good week there the 1st week into the 2nd week when I had what I really thought was complete breakthrough only to find out I was really on my way out.  SO, Dec. 11, Sunday I was suppose to go to church.  Last thing that I remember is telling my mom I have a headache and am in no condition to go to church.  Have fun without me.  The next thing I remember it is Wed. morning and I am in the hospital getting 24/7 antibiotics and every test done that can possibly be done.

As it was told to me.  According to my mom and my best friend, I was shivering, I was blue in my hands, feet, and lips.  I was freezing inside out.  It was 98 degrees in the house and yet I was freezing.  Because the Lord spoke my friend came by the house.  I am so thankful to my best friend for coming that day.  I knew she had to have been exhausted as she had her 2 grandkids that weekend.  But yet, my mom texted her to say please pray as Sandy is down.  When she got there as I said I was blue and shivering and barely breathing.  My kidneys had begun to shut down and I was also sepsis and was also dealing with a skin bacteria now invading my blood.  I had all kinds of scans done from CT of my head and brain, to my blood being nuclearized to find the bacteria.  I had an EGD and  on Wed I was alert enough that when a kidney doctor walked into my room I asked why are you here and his response was quite chilling but it was also confirming that God is not ready for me yet and  whatever I am to do in the next while the enemy is very anxious to not have it happen.  So, I have pondered my death and the fact that God said no this one will live.  She is to work yet and so as I have recuperated in the hospital and now in this nursing rehab God has been working on me for a while.  See, I did not get sepsis overnight.  So, while how long I was sick is not fully known or the issue what remains is that I am still open to God.  These have not been the easiest of weeks.  I mean come on it is Christmas and no one wants to be hospitalized at Christmas.  But I have been able to show Jesus both here at the  nursing home and also at the hospital.  Someone was invited to come join us for worship just because she felt that she was in church when she came into my room.  To another one hearing how God saved my life for His glory and His love.

I have also learned about me some as well.  I have learned that sometimes the words of my own mouth cause my own issues.  God has shown up in a great deal of ways throughout the year and even now.  God is to be praised above anything else.  His love for each of us runs deeply and forever.  We can be connected or not but in the end His love is deeply the motivator.  I have begun to grow and to trust that God is the one who will take my life and make it for is glory.  I can not do anything without Him as the main dance partner.  I have tried the other ways but His ways are always the highest of all.

So, with excitement and joy I look forward to stepping into 2017 and I am ready for the show to begin and the ride to leave the platform.  I am ready to serve Father, Son, Holy Spirit in any way possible.  I am excited about the future and what it looks like both for me personally, and also what it looks like for me who supports other ministries and how God is going to use me.

I am learning some thing new about me every day and that is what God is wanting me to know right now.   Everyday, He reveals either a character defect or flaw or a blessing and bright spot.  Each day I am to be a light in a dark place.  And each day I try to be a light in a dark place around me.

Well, hats off to 2016 and welcome 2017





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