George Bailey Syndrome

So I am doing a lot of reflecting these last few days…  Most of my life I have not had a great deal of friends.  Oh don’t get me wrong I had friends I had and have some good Christian friends on the other side of the country and I do not want to imply that I don’t have any good friends I also had “Friends” when they wanted something I could help them with they were there and yes I helped…thinking well God will expect me to do this for them so.. and then they would leave or I would say something stupid and blow the relationship up… thinking I was helping in some way… To be honest a lot of the offenders came from the church (but that is a whole other story for a later time)….  I want to talk about George Bailey Syndrome and what that means for me…

In the year of 2014 I have been awakened to and realized how many friends I have… Not pass by night friends but real friends… Friends who when I am sick will jump on a plane and visit me… Friends who I know are struggling come and deliver precious gifts at Christmas knowing that none can be returned.   Friends who choose to take an entire day off  of work to spend with me on my birthday (giving up roughly $250 or more for the day)…  Classmates who tell other classmates that they have to share me…  Friends who can tell based on a generic text if I am ok or not and friends who when they ask if I am ok want an honest answer.. Friends who know when I say I am FINE and friends who can look at me in a church service and know not in a good place and will hunt me down to talk….

Scripture says that God is such a friend to us…  Every one of these people I have described above is God with human skin on….   Do I deserve it?  Probably not…. Do I try to be the friend to them that they are to me YES, I do… do I often blow it you bet… But you know the best thing is that these people still love me right where I am..

When, life and sickness takes its toll on me and the rage of steroids begins to flare its ugly head and I get into a cycle of pity and I think I am unloved, or uncared about God will send a text message that simply says “Sandy I love you, you are my bestest and truest friend” or another saying “when we get together tomorrow we will have a wonderful time all day” or “Sandy, you are such a blessing and I love you” or “beautiful lady, I love you”  or another “Sandy, just want you to know I love you and am thinking about you”   or another friend who will call me up and say “pray with me because I know you care and will”  or another who will love me despite the endless mistakes I make and the blowing ups I do….  And on a Sunday morning in church people looking for me because they have not gotten a hug from me in 3 weeks and did not want another week to go by without a Sandy hug…

Yes, as Clarence the angel told George Bailey your life is rich because you have friends…  Clarence the angel would tell me,  “Yes, Sandy Anderson your life is rich because you have friends….  But more than that Sandy you have a Father who loves you and has sent you these dear friends….  Love them, and let them love you because they have only 1 interest to be God with skin on..”

So, as I stop a moment and reflect of how blessed I am really I just want to say thank you to the people who God has given me to love me in spite of me and my broken ways…. And as I sometimes forget that I blow it I am thankful for the grace and mercy shown to me each time I blow it…

But the biggest is that Jesus is closer than a brother and the deepest forever friend I have…  Just saying

About leftnfree

I am a flawed Christian who loves Jesus more than anything. Originally from the east coast of the US (Philadelphia, Pa). Currently living in Az. I am a single female who has no children. I do have a bunch of nieces and nephews. I do love to dance, swim, sing, travel, and play. I love dogs and am allergic to cats an sulfa. I don't drink or do street drugs or abuse prescription drugs. I love the USA and am ashamed of some of the folks that are running the show in DC (both parties). Personally, I don't think that our founding fathers intended for the service of our members of congress was supposed to be a life long job. I think that they meant for it to be short term. I love all kinds of movies but classics are becoming my favorite more and more. I do not like much of what is on television today because the world of make believe "reality tv" is unreal, and the rest well I just don't like the animation programs either. I love Jesus and try to serve Him with all I am becoming more an more like Him daily. I may stumble and I may make a mistake but I can always count on the loving arms of my Jesus and my Heavenly Father to come pick me up again and help me stand. I am not afraid of trying or failing but I am afraid of bragging and doing it on my own. I try to love all people and help all people (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't). But even in that God is my all an all. That is who I am. Nothing more and nothing less. What you see is what you get. Like I said at the beginning I am flawed. I am human, and while I am not sinless I am able to sin less and help others to learn how to sin less. God is good. I hope that you enjoy reading the things that I write.
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2 Responses to George Bailey Syndrome

  1. vw1212 says:

    even if it is only one true friend you find in life it is a blessing. You are wonderrful and beautiful in God’s eyes. stay blessed. vw

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