Very powerful and thought provoking but we are to Stand Strong…

Men of One Accord

I walked up to

The battle lines today,

There an old warrior

Stood so strong,

His shield of faith

Still a smolder,

With truth fasten

Securely about his waist,

A battle harden breastplate

Rightness he wore

Upon his chest,

His boots of readiness

Now muddy firmly

Laced tight about his feet,

Salvation a helmet

His crown upon

That old warrior’s silver hair,

The word of God, the Spirit

Was his sword

Still razor-sharp

Dipped in the blood

Of the cross

Glistened in his strong

But wrinkled hand.

He smiled as he spoke

Pray in the Spirit

Pray in all occasions

Pray with all kinds of request

Pray with all kinds of prayer

Pray for all the saints

Keep alert and

Stand strong

I have been called


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About leftnfree

I am a flawed Christian who loves Jesus more than anything. Originally from the east coast of the US (Philadelphia, Pa). Currently living in Az. I am a single female who has no children. I do have a bunch of nieces and nephews. I do love to dance, swim, sing, travel, and play. I love dogs and am allergic to cats an sulfa. I don't drink or do street drugs or abuse prescription drugs. I love the USA and am ashamed of some of the folks that are running the show in DC (both parties). Personally, I don't think that our founding fathers intended for the service of our members of congress was supposed to be a life long job. I think that they meant for it to be short term. I love all kinds of movies but classics are becoming my favorite more and more. I do not like much of what is on television today because the world of make believe "reality tv" is unreal, and the rest well I just don't like the animation programs either. I love Jesus and try to serve Him with all I am becoming more an more like Him daily. I may stumble and I may make a mistake but I can always count on the loving arms of my Jesus and my Heavenly Father to come pick me up again and help me stand. I am not afraid of trying or failing but I am afraid of bragging and doing it on my own. I try to love all people and help all people (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't). But even in that God is my all an all. That is who I am. Nothing more and nothing less. What you see is what you get. Like I said at the beginning I am flawed. I am human, and while I am not sinless I am able to sin less and help others to learn how to sin less. God is good. I hope that you enjoy reading the things that I write.
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4 Responses to STAND STRONG!

  1. Sandy, Thank-you! Love you sis! 🙂

    • leftnfree says:

      Thank you James! I love you to bro! There is a reason that this sticks very powerful to me.. Back in Dec (during what I call the 6 weeks of insanity from Oct 31-Dec 16 2013) I had a vision of a wounded warrior with a missing leg, missing teeth, broken sword, smashed and broken helmet, the breastplate was missing in a field somewhere and I was covered in flaming arrows burning. I shared with one of my mentors this image and she quickly told me that it was a lie from the enemy and to focus or find another image that shows even though in the battle you are still in His army… So, all these months later you write this perfect image of one who is in the battle and yet standing.. When I read it I wept and I said out loud “Finally, God has given me my image” So, for me it was powerful because it represents something much deeper… To me that is speechless and powerful.. I shared it with my mentor and she is like this is incredible.. When we meet tomorrow her and I am sure it will be part of the conversation…. I love this and I love the awesomeness that you write about Abba Father! Thank you!!

  2. I would love to send you an email about this poem, for it also came from a vision. Thank-you so much this part of the story of standing strong, Blessings James

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